The 2018 Global Food Science Student Competition is one of a series of events celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Jiangnan University. This competition will be held on November 14-18, 2018 in Wuxi, China on the theme of Food Science and Culture: Innovation, Communication and Collaboration. About 100 graduate students from more than 40 countries will join this grand event. It will provide a unique forum to present original research, exchange latest results, share stories and make friends.

The competition will host the oral and poster presentations of graduate students currently specializing in food science or those who are interested in food science and food culture. The topics of the event include food safety, food chemistry, food physics, food processing, nutrition and health, food biotechnology, food product development, food culture and other related areas. Certifications of achievement and prizes will be awarded to six finalists in each of the section.

We warmly welcome you to join the 2018 Global Food Science Student Competition. If your application is accepted by the Jury Committee, the travelling expenses, accommodation and meals during the event on campus will be granted by the organizing committee. Here, you will not only enjoy the competition itself, but also have a memorable experience in Wuxi, China.

We look forward to seeing you in the 2018 Global Food Science Student Competition!