Requirements & Expenses

Language: English
Contest Format: Oral presentation OR poster presentation
Topics: Food Safety, Food Chemistry, Food Physics, Food Processing, Nutrition and Health, Food Biotechnology, Food Product Development, Food culture and other related areas.

Participation Requirements and Expenses
Applicants must currently be enrolled students in master's or doctoral programs and should not have graduated earlier than December 1, 2018.
· If accepted by the Jury Committee, participants will be provided with the grants including travelling expenses, accommodation and meals during the event on campus. Additional expenses will not be covered by Jiangnan University if participants arrive BEFORE November 14, 2018 or depart AFTER November 18, 2018.
· All other expenses (including passport and visa application expenses, transportation outside Wuxi or within Wuxi for personal entertainment, overweight baggage and personal shopping) should be covered by participants.

Abstract Instructions and Submission
1. Abstract is limited to a maximum of 300 words and should be written in clear and correct English.
2. The student entering the competition must be the principal author of the paper.
3. Abstracts should be approved by all authors before submission.
4. Format preferred — Check the box in the system to indicate oral or poster format. The Jury Committee reserves the right to make the final determination of presentation format.
5. Category — Check the box in the system which best describes the category for which the abstract is suitable. Categories include: Food Safety, Food Chemistry, Food Physics, Food Processing, Nutrition and Health, Food Biotechnology, Food Product Development, Food culture and other related areas. 
6. The abstract should contain the following contents:
a. Introduction: Provide background, statement of problem or basis of the study.
b.  Purpose: State the purpose or objectives of the study.
c. Methods: State the methodology used in the study. The methods should be specific enough that researchers in the same or similar field would understand the basic experimental design or approach.
d. Results: Report specific results obtained in the study. Results should be summarized.
7. Abstract forms must be submitted through the online submission portal for consideration as an oral or poster presentation by July 1, 2018, 11:59 p.m. Beijing time. (If unable to submit through the online portal, please email the abstract to the following email:

Types of Participation
Participants can choose to present either a poster or perform an oral presentation. However, candidates for the oral presentation should note that due to time constraints, up to 20 participants will be invited to speak after the first round of selections. The remaining oral presentation candidates may instead be invited to present a poster, should they wish to do so.

Review Criteria
The competition committee will select up to 20 finalists for the oral presentation component prior to the competition. All successful candidates for the poster section automatically qualify for the final round of judging. Each reviewer will give a score for technical merit, writing and organization. Using these standards, the competition chair will determine finalists for onsite judging.

Award Prizes
The oral and poster competition will respectively recognize up to 6 finalists, including one first place, two second place and three third place finalists. All finalists will receive a certificate of achievement and be acknowledged during the event.

Introduction to Jiangnan University
Jiangnan University is located in the city of Wuxi, situated 2 hours in between Shanghai and Nanjing. JU consists of 18 schools and offers 51 undergraduate programs with disciplines including engineering, science, literature, economics, management, law, medicine, agriculture, art and education. It has over 20,000 full-time undergraduates and 11,000 part-time students receiving continuing education. The School of Food Science and Technology is now nationally recognized as one of the best food science programs in China, and internationally known for its academic excellence. The faculty team consists of 168 members, including 69 professors and 79 associate professors. It has more than 2,700 students, among whom 1,500 are undergraduates, 880 are master candidates and 340 are doctoral candidates.